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Mumbai City Tours is a travel guide organization that specializes in tours to Mumbai for the inquisitive traveller coming to Mumbai. Our tour guides in Mumbai share verified and valid information about the city, its culture and history to the world traveller.
All our tour guides in Mumbai are 3rd/4th generation locals of the city. So what you get out of your travel in Mumbai is not just the facts but also ground realities. The perception of the city of Mumbai is a far cry from the truth and we're here to unveil it. Our Mumbai Tour Guides are knowledged, well educated and very well versed with English. They also speak it as their first language.

Mumbai City Tours specializes in Customized Mumbai City Tours to help you make the most of your travel experience during your stay here. Please keep in mind that it helps us if you give us a heads up so we can personalize your private tour well in advance.

We at Mumbai City Tours will take you through the lesser known places to visit in Mumbai and tell their stories that most people miss. Mumbai City Tours is all about the untold stories, the lesser known secrets and the real face of Mumbai.

Mumbai City Tours has a wide array of city tours and experiences including some really quirky ones that are almost unheard of in the travel community. All tours are worth their experience and the memories will stay with you for a lifetime. We at Mumbai City Tours feel your saftey and level of comfort should stay at the optimal level throughout your travel in Mumbai. We recommend you share your interests and tastes with us so that we can develop a customized tour of Mumbai so that you get a tour that you feel comfortable with. Please do keep in mind the lesser your inhibitions the wider the range of your experience. We also recommend that you visit our Calendar section to see the upcoming festivals and holidays that you will be experiencing during your visit, if you feel a certain time frame or festival clashes with your interests / tastes, its best you prepone / postpone your visit.

It is highly recommend that you take our Personalized Shopping Tour to avoid buying certain materials that you regret upon reaching home. For example if you reside in a country that enjoys tropical weather, it makes little sense for you to buy a Pashmina Shawl even if you get it at a throw away price.

We at Mumbai City Tours feel that you experience the city of Mumbai that is not explored in generic tours. Be rest assured that all our Mumbai City Tours are comprehensive in their experiences.

Feel free to explore our site to see Pictures of Mumbai city on the right of all corresponding tours.
All photographs in the Mumbai Photo Gallery section are taken by our team and are not copied from other sources.

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